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Vibration Measurement and Analysis

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Vibration Measurement and Analysis

Troubleshooting and Consultations

Sometimes you need an on-site specialist to get the issue sorted out.

When required, Pi Engineering can deploy an expert to your site to troubleshoot potential or existing piping and pipeline problems. We have experience with flow induced vibration and pulsation situations. We also have experience using CFD to solve flow induced vibration problems.

On site technician
Vibration Analysis
Vibration analysis data acquisition chart

Field Data Acquisition

We self-perform vibration measurements. Our data recorders can track pressures, temperatures, strains, and vibrations simultaneously and continuously for weeks at a time. Measurements are recommended when vibration causes are difficult to determine from analysis and/or field observations. The measurement data allow us to:

Pi Engineering’s experienced staff can help assess piping issues including slugging, water hammer, vibration, thermal growth, and support related concerns. Our on-site consultations provide the opportunity to assess real conditions and provide better recommendations. For example, spring support installation and commissioning can be challenging; we can help. Piping alignment with sensitive equipment is often difficult. We have experience performing on-site troubleshooting and directing this process.

Our company experience includes following up on our engineering recommendations and designs during various phases of development, including construction, commissioning, and operation of facilities. Through on-site support, our team can provide guidance and advice to construction and operations teams on installations and issues while assessing the specific site conditions. Pi Engineering recommends engineering support of projects beyond the detail engineering phase. We have experience supporting construction, commissioning, and operation of facilities (piping) and pipelines. We can be available on-site as required, or support remotely and deploy as needed. We can also consult with construction management regarding piping specifications and guidelines, troubleshooting and problem-solving.

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