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Pipeline Engineering

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Pipeline Engineering

Pipeline transportation of fluids requires specific pipeline engineering experience and knowledge to meet safety, quality, and efficiency goals. Our team of qualified stress engineers has extensive understanding of CSA Z662 requirements and specifications for both buried and above ground piping in conjunction with the following fluids: high pressure steam, produced gas, produced emulsion, diluent, hot bitumen, sour gas, sweet gas, CO2, and other liquids. Pi Engineering utilizes a combination of software, expertise, and experience to complete pipeline analysis and offers specialized expertise in:

Pipeline Route Stress Analysis or Bend Studies

Analyze a pipeline route to determine optimal bend radius and technology, eg. Field cold bends versus shop bends or roping.

Pipeline route stress analysis or bend studies
Pipeline riser

Pipeline Riser Design

Vehicle Crossings

Pipeline engineering vehicle crossings
A Buried Support

Buckling, Overburden, Buried Support Local Stress

In addition to typical common practice, we, by routine include checks for buried support stresses, global buckling, vehicle crossings, bend thinning, hydrotesting, etc.

Integrity Dig Reviews

Integrity dig review
Differential Setllement

Differential Settlement

Strain Gauging

Strain Gauging

Blasting Near Pipelines/Wells

We have incorporated 50 years of combined experience into our pipeline stress analysis systems. We perform state of the art stress analysis of pipelines, including non-linear materials and non-linear geometry.

We check over 100 items in every pipeline stress analysis we do.

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