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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Pi Engineering’s team has extensive experience in finite element analysis (FEA). The majority of our FEA projects involve pipe supports, heat transfer, vessel nozzles, pressure vessel design, vessel supports, lifting lugs, piping components such as tees and bends, however, our skill set and expertise allows us to apply this method to other components as well.

Pipe Support FEA

Pipe support design is a critical component of piping systems. Beyond simply supporting the piping, additional support types such as guides and anchors are required to control expansion, restrain dynamic loads and protect equipment. Pi Engineering’s FEA experience includes analysis of trunnions, stanchions, shoes, guides, anchors, bare pipe on steel, buried supports at pipeline risers, and base supports.

Equipment Nozzle FEA

Nozzles on equipment such as pressure vessels and tanks are subject to internal pressure, temperature, and external loading from piping. FEA can be used to verify stresses in the nozzles comply with applicable codes such as ASME VIII Division 2 Part 5 or API 650.

Fitness for Service (FFS)

Fitness for service assessments are often required to ensure continued safe operation when cracks, dents, excessive corrosion or any other forms of flaws or damage is discovered on existing equipment, piping systems or pipelines. Since inspection typically occurs during outages, Pi Engineering specializes in expedited turn arounds for the advanced analysis required to evaluate in accordance with API 597.

Thermal Studies and FEA

Thermal studies can provide valuable insight into how equipment and piping behaves during various operating conditions. Transient studies can even be used to simulate the temperature distribution that occurs during a particular series of thermal cycles. These studies can be used to predict when and where peak stress occurs as well as show if phenomenons such as thermal bowing will occur.

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