Piping Design Registration in British Columbia

Pressure piping in BC is regulated by either the BC Oil & Gas Commission (OGC) or Technical Safety BC (TSBC), formerly BC Safety Authority (BCSA). The jurisdictional boundaries changed in 2016 and the Safety Standards Amendment Act was issued.

We can help you navigate these changes and ensure your piping is designed and registered properly in accordance with the new regulations.

OGC is responsible for all Oil and Gas piping with the exception of occupied buildings and boiler piping. The OGC does not require registration of piping designs. Oil and Gas piping designs still must comply with the application regulations and design codes (CSA Z662 or B31.3), and designs may voluntarily be registered with the TSBC.

TSBC is responsible for any other piping regulated by the Safety Standards Act. Requirements for registration of piping can be found here: Design Registration

In general, the following piping requires stress analysis to support your piping design registration:

1. Piping 4 NPS and above

– and –

2.Contains an expansible fluid or non-expansible fluid operating above 121°C

Pi Engineering offers comprehensive pipe stress analysis, piping design, and pressure piping registration services to successfully get your pressure piping registered. Even if your piping does not require registration we can assist you in making sure the piping designs are compliant with the applicable design code.

Why is Pressure Piping Registration Required?

The regulators cite that it is important that the BC population has confidence that piping system design is safe for use within BC. Registration requires that the piping designer understands the intended operating conditions, environment, and other factors for safe operation and life-cycle.

What Industries & Company Types in BC are Subject to Pressure Piping Registration?

  • Petro-chemicals (plastics, fertilizers, explosives, etc.)
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Industrial
  • Refrigeration
  • Power Generation

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